About HCA

We have been in the airboat industry building custom boats for over 20 years to select customers, along with “Airboat Stuff LLC”, manufacturing custom airboat trailers that you now see under a lot of other custom airboats today.  We are going to offer exclusive boats, made one at a time from years of experience and knowledge, to the public as 100% new turnkey.  This allows us to complete each custom, one-off build, in a timely manner and, thereby, allowing each boat to offer a unique appeal to prospective buyers ready to purchase a custom high-end airboat immediately, without waiting for the typical 6-12 month waiting period.  Each boat will offer the highest-grade material, parts, and craftsmanship along with that “one-off” color scheme, to ensure you will stand out in a crowd.

Each of our custom boats will be posted for sale when they are complete, tested, and ready for immediate sale and delivery. Please note that we do not build any boats per customer specifications, only turn-key boats that are 100% new and ready to ride.

Stay tuned for HC’s model #1 boat and be the first to showcase your fully custom “one-off” airboat!

HC Airboats

Hunter Custom Airboats is a manufacturer of custom airboats, offering exclusive turn-key boats that are 100% new and ready to use. Each boat is made with the highest grade of material, parts, and craftsmanship.

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20+ years experience


Completely custom one off


100% tested and ready to ride


Your TitleHighest grade parts and materials on the market

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